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Replacement Laptop AC Power Adapters for IBM

Are you looking for it: high quality IBM laptop AC power adapter, discount IBM laptop AC power adapter, cheap IBM laptop AC power adapter? Well, rest assured that the best value for your replacement adapter is not the original manufacturer.
Please select your IBM adaptor model/part number below to find a suitable replacement
ThinkPad 350ThinkPad 500ThinkPad 510
ThinkPad 730ThinkPad 340ThinkPad 345
ThinkPad 355ThinkPad 360ThinkPad 370
ThinkPad 380CEThinkPad 380CSThinkPad 380CSE
ThinkPad 700ThinkPad 720ThinkPad 750
ThinkPad 755ThinkPad 755CThinkPad 755CS
ThinkPad 755CDThinkPad 755CEThinkPad 755CSE
ThinkPad 755CVThinkPad 755CDVThinkPad 755CX
ThinkPad 760ThinkPad 765ThinkPad 790
ThinkPad 310ThinkPad i1400ThinkPad i1420
ThinkPad i1421ThinkPad i1422ThinkPad i1460
ThinkPad i1480ThinkPad i1482ThinkPad i1483
ThinkPad i1492ThinkPad i1500ThinkPad i1540
ThinkPad i1541ThinkPad i1542ThinkPad i1560
ThinkPad i1562ThinkPad i1592ThinkPad 380
ThinkPad 380DThinkPad 380EThinkPad 380ED
ThinkPad 380XDThinkPad 380ZThinkPad 385
ThinkPad 385DThinkPad 385EDThinkPad 385XD
ThinkPad 560ThinkPad 560EThinkPad 560X
ThinkPad 560ZThinkPad 570ThinkPad 570E
ThinkPad 600ThinkPad 600EThinkPad 600X
Thinkpad 335 seriesThinkpad 360 seriesThinkpad 370 series
Thinkpad 450C seriesThinkpad 700 seriesThinkpad 720 series
Thinkpad 750 seriesThinkpad 755 seriesThinkpad 760 series
Thinkpad 765 seriesThinkpad 790 seriesThinkPad 360PE-2620
ThinkPad 370-9545ThinkPad 700-9552ThinkPad 750-9545
ThinkPad 755C-9545ThinkPad 760-9546ThinkPad 760-9547
ThinkPad 760C-9546ThinkPad 760C-9547ThinkPad 760CD-9546
ThinkPad 760CD-9547ThinkPad 760E-9546ThinkPad 760E-9547
ThinkPad 760ED-9546ThinkPad 760ED-9547ThinkPad 760EL-9546
ThinkPad 760EL-9547ThinkPad 760ELD-9546ThinkPad 760ELD-9547
ThinkPad 760L-9546ThinkPad 760L-9547ThinkPad 760XD-9546
ThinkPad 760XD-9547ThinkPad 760XL-9546ThinkPad 760XL-9547
ThinkPad 240Thinkpad 240X 2609ThinkPad A20M 2628
ThinkPad i1200 SeriesThinkPad 1400ThinkPad i14XX-2621
ThinkPad 1400-2621ThinkPad 1400-2651ThinkPad 1500
ThinkPad 1500-2621ThinkPad 1500-2651ThinkPad X41 Tablet 1866
ThinkPad 340-2610ThinkPad 720-9552ThinkPad 172x
ThinkPad 235ThinkPad 240 seriesThinkPad 240-1161
ThinkPad 240-1171ThinkPad 240-2609ThinkPad 240-2666
ThinkPad 240-2667ThinkPad 240XThinkPad 240Z
ThinkPad 290ThinkPad 310-2600ThinkPad 310D
ThinkPad 340CSEThinkPad 340E-2610ThinkPad 345-2610
ThinkPad 345CThinkPad 345CSThinkPad 365
ThinkPad 365-2625ThinkPad 365CThinkPad 365CD
ThinkPad 365CSThinkPad 365CSDThinkPad 365E
ThinkPad 365EDThinkPad 365XThinkPad 365XD
ThinkPad 370CThinkPad 380-2635ThinkPad 380D-2635
ThinkPad 380D-MMXThinkPad 380E-2635ThinkPad 380ED-2635
ThinkPad 380XD-2635ThinkPad 380Z-2635ThinkPad 385-2635
ThinkPad 385CDThinkPad 385D-2635ThinkPad 385D-MMX
ThinkPad 385ED-2635ThinkPad 385XD-2635ThinkPad 390
ThinkPad 390-2624ThinkPad 390-2626ThinkPad 390X
ThinkPad 535ThinkPad 550ThinkPad 560-2640
ThinkPad 560CThinkPad 560x-2640ThinkPad 560z-2640
ThinkPad 570-2643ThinkPad 570-2644ThinkPad 570-MT 2644
ThinkPad 570E-2643ThinkPad 570E-2644ThinkPad 600-2645
ThinkPad 600-2646ThinkPad 600AThinkPad 701
ThinkPad 701CThinkPad 701CSThinkPad 765-9546
ThinkPad 765-9547ThinkPad 770-2648ThinkPad 770-9548
ThinkPad 770-9549ThinkPad 770EThinkPad 770ED
ThinkPad 770XThinkPad 770ZThinkPad A20 series
ThinkPad A20MThinkPad A20PThinkPad A21
ThinkPad A21eThinkPad A21MThinkPad A21P
ThinkPad A22eThinkPad A22MThinkPad A22P
ThinkPad i1100ThinkPad i1200-1161ThinkPad i1200-1171
ThinkPad i1200-2666ThinkPad i1200-2667ThinkPad i1210
ThinkPad i1211ThinkPad i1241ThinkPad i1251
ThinkPad i1271ThinkPad i1300 seriesThinkPad i1300-1161
ThinkPad i1300-1171ThinkPad i1300-2666ThinkPad i1300-2667
ThinkPad i1321ThinkPad i1340ThinkPad i1351
ThinkPad i1361ThinkPad i1391ThinkPad i1400-2611
ThinkPad i1400-2621ThinkPad i1400-2651ThinkPad i1418
ThinkPad i1441ThinkPad i1500-2611ThinkPad i1500-2621
ThinkPad i1500-2651ThinkPad i1720ThinkPad i1721
ThinkPad i172x-2627ThinkPad i1800ThinkPad S30
ThinkPad S31ThinkPad X20 seriesThinkPad X21
ThinkPad X22ThinkPad X23ThinkPad X24
ThinkPad X32ThinkPad X40ThinkPad X40-2371
ThinkPad X40-2372ThinkPad X40-2382ThinkPad X40-2386
ThinkPad X41 Tablet PCWorkPad z50-2608ThinkPad 390E
ThinkPad 770Thinkpad A22e 2655ThinkPad E530
ThinkPad i1200Thinkpad A30-2652ThinkPad A30P
ThinkPad i1442ThinkPad i1700ThinkPad R30
Thinkpad R30-2656Thinkpad R32-2658Thinkpad R40e-2684
Thinkpad T40-2373Thinkpad T42-2373ThinkPad R31
ThinkPad R32ThinkPad R40ThinkPad R40e
ThinkPad R50ThinkPad R50eThinkPad R51
ThinkPad R52ThinkPad T20 seriesThinkPad T21
ThinkPad T22ThinkPad T23ThinkPad T30
Thinkpad T30-2366ThinkPad T40ThinkPad T41
ThinkPad T41PThinkPad T43ThinkPad X30
ThinkPad X31ThinkPad X41ThinkPad X30-2672
ThinkPad X30-2673ThinkPad X31-2672ThinkPad X31-2673
ThinkPad X31-2884ThinkPad X31-2885Thinkpad X21 2662
Thinkpad A30-2653Thinkpad A30-2654Thinkpad A31
ThinkPad T42ThinkPad 560X-2640ThinkPad 560Z-2640
ThinkPad A20Thinkpad A22e 2655ThinkPad X20
ThinkPad i1300ThinkPad i172X-2627
The adapter supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

AC adapter knowledge base:

Power adapters come in two basic varieties AC/AC and AC/DC:

AC/AC - AC/AC power adapters are simple step-down low voltage transformers, accepting AC input and providing a certain voltage AC output. There are no other active or passive components. With no line regulation at all, an AC/AC adapters output voltage is proportional to the input voltage. AC/AC do have a small amount of load regulation, with the transformer windings being a significant part of the load.

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