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Replacement Laptop Car Adapters

Save up to 30%!

At BatteryOnline, offering the highest quality laptop car adapters and laptop car adapter replacements at the best price is our goal. Why pay more for OEM laptop car adapters when you can get superior laptop car adapters for less? We guarantee all laptop car adapters come with 1-Year warranty. Select your manufacturer and start shopping!
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Car adapter for ACER
laptop computer.
Car adapter for AMS TECH laptop computer.
Car adapter for APPLE
laptop computer.
Car adapter for ASUS
laptop computer.
Car adapter for CANON
laptop computer.
Car adapter for CHEMUSA
laptop computer.
Car adapter for CIMV
laptop computer.
Car adapter for COMPAQ
laptop computer.
Car adapter for Dell
laptop computer.
Car adapter for EPSON
laptop computer.
Car adapter for FUJITSU
laptop computer.
Car adapter for GATEWAY
laptop computer.
Car adapter for HITACHI
laptop computer.
Car adapter for HP
laptop computer.
Car adapter for HP COMPAQ
laptop computer.
Car adapter for HYUNDAI
laptop computer.
Car adapter for IBM
laptop computer.
Car adapter for LENOVO
laptop computer.
Car adapter for LG
laptop computer.
Car adapter for MICRON
laptop computer.
Car adapter for NEC
laptop computer.
Car adapter for PANASONIC
laptop computer.
Car adapter for PROSTAR
laptop computer.
Car adapter for SAGER
laptop computer.
Car adapter for SAMSUNG
laptop computer.
Car adapter for SHARP
laptop computer.
Car adapter for SONY
laptop computer.
Car adapter for TADPOLE
laptop computer.
Car adapter for TOSHIBA
laptop computer.
Car adapter for TRIGEM
laptop computer.
Car adapter for TWINHEAD
laptop computer.
Car adapter for VIEWSONIC
laptop computer.
Car adapter for WINBOOK
laptop computer.


The adapter supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.  Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Laptop Car Adapter?

A laptop car adapter is a device which enables the connection of a laptop PC to an automobile, in this specific example for the purpose of providing power to run the laptop and/or to recharge the laptop´s battery.

What can I use this for?

- Charge your laptop battery while your on your way to that big meeting!
- Take your office with you in the car! Run both your laptop and your printer with this auto adapter.
- Give your kids something to do besides fighting! Let the kids watch a movie on the DVD player, or play the Nintendo in your auto.
- Run you laptop from any 12V DC source/car cigarette lighter socket. Fits major brand laptops such as Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Compaq and more.

Glossary of Adapter - we will update this content on daily!

- BURN-IN Operating a newly manufactured power supply, usually at rated load, for a period of time in order to force component infant mortality failures or other latent defects before the unit is delivered to a customer.

- CAPACITIVE COUPLING Coupling of a signal between tow circuits, due to discrete or parasitic capacitance between the circuits.

- CONVERTER An electrical circuit which accepts a DC input and generates a DC output of a different voltage, usually achieved by high frequency switching action employing inductive and capacitive filter elements.

- CREST FACTOR In an AC circuit, Crest Factor is the mathematical ratio of the peak to RMS values of a waveform. Crest factor is sometimes used for describing the current stress in AC mains supply wires, since for a given amount of power transferred, the RMS value, and hence the losses, become greater with increasing peak values. Crest Factor gives essentially the same information as Power Factor, and is being replaced by Power Factor in power supply technology.


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