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Can CD-R writers create DVDs?
No. DVD uses a smaller wavelength of laser to make smaller pits in tracks that are closer together. The DVD laser...

Can I just copy files onto a CD-R like I would to a floppy?
Not really. The process is usually a bit more involved than that, and requires special software that (usually) comes...

Can I use CD-R to copy my CDs?
Yes, both audio and data CDs can be duplicated.

DVD Sizes
The DVD sizes can be a bit confusing. There are basicly 4 different DVD Sizes,DVD-5, holds around 4 700 000 000 bytes...

How come my 4.7 GB DVD isn't really 4.7 GB?
Like hard drives, 1 GB on a DVD recordable disc equals 1 000 000 000 (109) bytes. In contrast, a computer considers 1...

How long does it take to burn a CD-R?
It depends on how much data you're going to burn, and how fast your drive is. Burning 650MB of data takes about 74...

Video File Comparison
FormatVCDSVCD (super VCD)DVDResolutionNTSC/PAL352x240352x288480x480480x576720x480720x576Video.

What does "buffer underrun" mean?
The CD writing process can't be interrupted in mid-session. To prevent this from happening, the makers of CD...

What is CD-R?
CD-R is short for "CD Recordable". Recordable CDs are Write Once, Read Multiple media that work just like...

What is DVD+R and DVD+RW?
DVD+R is a non-rewritable format and it is compatible with about 89% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs. DVD+RW is...

What is DVD+R DL (dual layer)?
DVD+R DL or called DVD+R9 is a Dual Layer writeable DVD+R. The dual layered discs can hold 8.54 GB (called DVD-9) and...

What is DVD-R and DVD-RW?
DVD-R was the first DVD recording format released that was compatible with standalone DVD Players. DVD-R is a...

What is DVD-RAM?
DVD-RAM has the best recording features but it is not compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players...

What is ISO-9660 Standard?
Level 1 ISO-9660This defines names to be the familiar 8+3 convention that MS-DOS users have suffered through for...

What is Joliet?
Joliet is an extension of the ISO 9660 standard, developed by Microsoft to allow CDs to be recorded using long...

Featured Items
CD-R 52X 700MB/80min Vinyl Record Design with 5-color
CD-R 52X 700MB/80min Vinyl Record Design with 5-color
CD-R 52X 700MB/80min White Inkjet Printable
CD-R 52X 700MB/80min White Inkjet Printable
DVD+R 8X 4.7GB/120min Movie Reels Design
DVD+R 8X 4.7GB/120min Movie Reels Design
DVD+R 8X 4.7GB/120min White Inkjet Printable
DVD+R 8X 4.7GB/120min White Inkjet Printable
Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphone & Headset
Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphone & Headset

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